Top 10 Amsterdam Experiences

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Amsterdam Sundown On The Amstel

Top 10 Amsterdam experiences


1 Bike in Amsterdam

A perfect thing to do in Amsterdam is to have a bike ride through the city. You can rent a bike at multiple locations in the city for a cheap price. With a bike you experience Amsterdam in a different way then walking. Biking right next to the canals with a beautiful view exploring the city in a different way is an experience you must try.

2 Canal Boat tour in Amsterdam

Amsterdam looks so different from a canal view and is it so relaxing to move forward through the canals with a beautiful view. There are many different boat tours that you can take like the dinner boat tour or the drink bout tour or the pizza boat tour. With the boat through the canals is an experience I would definitely recommend.

3 Museums in Amsterdam

The museums in Amsterdam are special to visit. The famous Rijksmuseum with famous painting of Rembrandt, Vermeer and more. The house of Anna Frank, van Gogh museum and the Amsterdam Museum what shows the history of Amsterdam. Try to visit all of them and don’t forget to buy a ticket online because the system works with a timeslot.

4 Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The city is known for its freedom and smoking weed is legal, definitely a thing to try and if you do not like to smoke you can still look inside for a moment. The famous Bulldog is popular in Amsterdam.

5 Red Light District

The red lights can been seen from a distant when you walk to the red light district you see the bright red light from a distant. It is a popular location for tourists and there are also bars there. You can have a walk there but not all the lights are red, some are not what you expect to be and lookout for the blue lights.

6 The flower market

A beautiful street filled with flowers a place where you should have a walk and can make beautiful photos. The street is in the centre of the city and the surrounding of the location is beautiful to. To see more beautiful locations also check out the beautiful locations blog.

7 A’DAM Lookout Tower

The beautiful A’DAM tower where you can be on a swing that goes over the edge on the rooftop of the tower. On the swing you have a beautiful view of Amsterdam you can sit on the swing with 4 friends and enjoy the swing. In the A’DAM tower you also have amazing restaurants where you can you have dinner with an amazing view.

8 Sir Dam vodka

Sir dam Vodka is the Amsterdam vodka brand and it shows that in the beautiful design. Something you should definitely do is to have a drink in the club or café and take a sip of Sir Dam Vodka. Experience Amsterdam in the most beautiful way with a beautiful Sir Dam vodka bottle.

9 The Flower Bike Man

Want to have the most special bike ride you can have in Amsterdam you should find the local Flower bike man and ride a bike with him on a beautiful flower bike. If you want to book a ride with him you can contact

10 The Hidden Begijnhof Amsterdam

A small quite place in the middle of the centre. Beautiful Amsterdam houses where only single ladies are allowed to live. The 2 beautiful churches you have and the houses that are created there is something that you have never seen before. Although hidden do try to find this beautiful location.
Amsterdam Experiences

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