Top 10 Beautiful Amsterdam Locations

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 Beautiful Locations in Amsterdam that you must see

  1. The Rijksmuseum
 Amsterdam Museums The Rijksmuseum
The Rijksmuseum building has an amazing location and it’s beautiful on the outside and on the inside, so before entering the museum, don’t forget to make some classy photos on the outside of the museum from various angles.
Another special thing about this place is a tunnel located in the middle of the building. As soon as you pass it you will find yourself on the other side with another wonderful view.
What’s more, inside the museum you will find multiple world-known paintings and unique exhibits. The Rijksmuseum can be definitely called a must-see location.
  1. The prettiest canal in Amsterdam - the Spiegelgracht
The prettiest canal in Amsterdam 
This canal is located in the center of Amsterdam and you just cannot pass it without making a couple of stunning photos on both sides of the canal. Plus, on one of the sides, you get as much as a dreamy castle of Rijksmuseum on the background of your picture! With no doubts, this place is at our top of favorite spots for visiting and taking photos.
An adviсe from Amsterdam Special: Once you visit our city during the wintertime, make sure to come to the Spiegelgracht to see how the trees illumination light up the night - it’s a spectacular sight.
  1. W Hotel Amsterdam
 W Amsterdam Hotel De Dam
The hotel’s an easy-accessible location near Dam Square and Amsterdam Central station but the biggest surprise is waiting for you on the 6th floor, where W Lounge and MR PORTER restaurant are placed. There, multiple terraces and balconies will open you an absolutely stunning view of the most beautiful Amsterdam streets.
Personally, we don’t know anyone who would leave this place without a killing picture, so very much recommended if you are also in a need of updating your feed!
  1. Amsterdam, Leidsegracht
 Amsterdam Leidseplein Leidsegracht
A rich variety of pretty bridges and lovely houses are located on this gorgeous at its whole length canal, so you will certainly find plenty of possibilities for making winning photos. We won’t hide it, this is our favorite photo place over all the Amsterdam canal locations.
Our special advice: To find your ideal spot for a photo we recommend you to walk over the whole canal - your perfect picture is somewhere there, we bet!
  1. Amsterdam Bridge - The Staalmeesterbrug
Amsterdam Canal Bridge  
Staalmeesterbrug is a beautiful and old bridge situated in the heart of Amsterdam. We are sure that this cutest spot with the bridge and a little canal on it will become your perfect background for a bunch new photos. And although this bridge is a very special Amsterdam location, don’t let all the beauty overwhelm you and be aware of the bikers crossing the bridge!
A special fact: One of the bridge advantages is the view of the Zuiderkerk tower which appears on paintings of numerous artists including Claude Monet.
  1. The Skinny Bridge
 The Skinny Bridge De Magere Brug
The most famous bridge in Amsterdam that’s located on the Amstel river - the river which gave its name to our city. We don’t mean to ruin a surprise but please be prepared - when you get to the Skinny bridge any direction you look is breathtakingly beautiful! This view is something you can’t miss while staying in the city.
Oh, and yes, pictures made at this location are popular by default.
  1. Damrak
 Damrak Amsterdam Central Station
It is the first street you see when entering the city from Amsterdam Central station. Captivating houses and a charming canal, a part of the Amstel river, guarantee a beautiful shot! This special Amsterdam location is rightly on the most beloved places to make a photo.
  1. Amsterdam canal – Reguliersgracht
 Amsterdam Canals Reguliersdwarsstraat
Reguliersgracht has become one of the most recognizable Amsterdam canals thanks to all the lights located on the bridges over the water. Once the evening comes and the illumination turns on, you see how the lights brighten up the night city - an incredible moment to picture!
This canal is of my favorite spots to take photos as besides an exceptional view, here you have enough room for taking lovely shots from different angles.
  1. Royal Palace of Amsterdam
The Royal Palace in Amsterdam 
The monumental palace is situated on the Dam Square and the view of its gorgeous building provides a bunch of options for making a good eye-catching shot. Besides, the area around the palace offers such local entertainment as painting your portrait by a street artist. Well-liked location!
  1. The Flower Market
 Amazing street in Amsterdam the Flowermarket
The Flower Market and its cute little stores became a trendy place for making photos with famous Dutch tulips and other various flowers for every taste. The street is also placed in the center of the city, so take some pictures, buy some flowers and continue your walk through the city where each street as pretty as the other.
Our special advice: To ensure nice pictures it's best to come in the morning when the market is less busy.
Top 10 Amsterdam Locations

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